N Minute

[N’-155] 210106 Let’s meet again🙏💚 | NCT’s Video Call Fansign Behind2020
[N’-156] 210109 Teacher Tyong with Mark, Sungchan | NCT 2020💚 Year End Performance Behind2020
[N’-157] 210219 🐹Congratulations Jisung 🥳 20 year olde Jisung’s first solo pictorial📸 | Allure Korea Photo Shoot BehindJS
[N’-158] 210227 Hello💚 I am Son Jiwoo🐰 | Cafe Midnight Season 3: The Curious Stalker BehindDY
[N’-159] 210305 Sabujaks retending to be cool(?)!📸 | COSMOPOLITAN Photoshoot BehindDYJW
[N’-160] 210307 Sungchan’s first solo pictorial❗️ So good that’s it👏 | ALLURE Korea Photo shoot BehindSC
[N’-161] 210314 Sijeuni, I can do it greatly, right? | Sungchan’s First Inkigayo MC BehindSC
[N’-162] 210509 SHould we fly to Thailand?✈️💚 | Jenim Sports Zero O`Day Virtual Event Behind127
[N’-163] 210524 I am here to shot a CF🦌🎬 | Dr.G Shooting Site Behind SC
[N’-164] I capture my sunday💚 | Inkigayo MC 100th Day Anniversary BehindSC
[N’-165] 210625 We are Kim Brothers Sabujakz Kim Twins 🐰🐶 | @star1 Photoshoot BehindDYJW
[N’-166] 210804 Don’t you think I really look like a pilot? 🛩💚 | VOGUE Photoshoot Shooting BehindST
[N’-167] 210819 Because I am in charge of Music Core’s Face🐶 | Jungwoo’s first Music Core MC BehindJW
[N’-168] 211016 Let’s go … Love Right Back✨ | ‘Love Right Back (Feat. TAEIL of NCT, lIlBOI)’ MV BehindTI
[N’-169] 211108 I can shot a movie with this? | Behind the Halloween 🎃🧛🍭2021
[N’-170] 211110 GQ JAPAN ずっと出たかったんですよね💚 | GQ JAPAN Photoshoot behindYT
[N’-171] 211115 I believed that sijeuni will like it💚 | WWD KOREA SPECIAL EDITION Photoshoot BehindJM
[N’-173] 211231 Why are you so pretty🌸💕| ‘Universe (Let’s Play Ball)’ Inkigayo BehindU
[N’-172] 211222 시즈니 여러분들은 저희의 자부심이니까 항상…💚 | 2021 MAMA Behind2021