N Minute

[N’-129] 200109 Making Great Memories with NCTzen in the US 💚127
[N’-130] 200111 NCT 127💚NCT DREAM|총출동🕺✨ Year-End Festival Stages BehindDREAM
[N’-131] 200113 ❄️WINTER DREAM❄️ 드림 귀여움 절찬 공연중😍|2019 NCT DREAM FANMEETINGDREAM
[N’-132] 200114 ❄️WINTER 127❄️ Touch Sijeuni’s heart 💚|2019 NCT 127 FANMEETING127
[N’-133] 200121 Sevilla Diary : Behind Story127
[N’-134] 200128 We Are the Champions~🥇 Golden arrow towards sijeuni 🏹 | Behind 2020 ISAC ArcheryJNJM
[N’-135] 200321 New Thangs🙆‍♀️🙆‍♂️New Thangs👍👃 | ‘영웅(Kick It)’ Inkigayo Waiting Room Behind127
[N’-136] 200515 DREAM CAM with a hug guest MARK | Behind of ‘Ridin’’ 1st Broadcast in Music Bank Waiting Room #1DREAM
[N’-137] 200516 마음이 아주 깨끗해지는 존댓말 챌린지에요’ | Behind of ‘Ridin’’ 1st Broadcast in Music Bank Waiting Room #2DREAM
[N’-138] 200625 Punch NCTzens heart💚🥊 | ‘Punch’ Waiting Room Behind127
[N’-139] 200626 여름에는 청량시티🌊💚 | NATURE REPUBLIC Shoot Behind127
[N’-140] 200703 ❮Late Night Punch Punch Show❯ EP. 0 | Track Video Shoot Behind127
[N’-141] 200717 NCT DREAM💚 ‘Beyond the Dream Show’ | Beyond LIVE BehindDREAM
[N’-142] 200722 NCT 127 💚 ‘Beyond the Origin’ I Beyond LIVE BehindDREAM
[N’-143] 200729 Bonjour👋 Bacon🥓 ChenJi’s first pictorial❣️ I ELLE Photo shoot behindCLJS
[N’-144] 200830 NCT DREAM + Sijeuni = 💚 | SORIBADA AWARDS BehindDREAM
[N’-145] 200903 🐎Hiiing~ I come on horseback!🐎 ㅣ Jaehyun Doyoung Inkigayo Special MC BehindDYJH
[N’-146] 201007 Dreams took a pictorial🍬ㅣELLE CANDYLAB Photo Shoot BehindDREAM
[N’-147] 201027 Where are you going to? 🤷♂️ Inkigayo~ 🎤 | ‘Make A Wish (Birthday Song)’ Behind of Inkigayo Waiting RoomU
[N’-148] 201030 Love You Dreamies. LOOOOOOOVE 💚 I Candylab Photoshoot BehindDREAM
[N’-149] 201104 I am the fairy ending!🧚♀️ㅣFrom Home music show behindU
[N’-150] 201105 Hand to hand Make A Wish X3 to win Top 1 🙏 I Make A Wish MCountdown 1st Win BehindU
[N’-151] 201206 ‘pose cheese’ with Sungchan✌️💚ㅣ 90’s Love Music Bank Behind (feat. yaja time🔥)U
[N’-152] 201207 Shotaro!🦦 Hand to hand Make A Wish!💚🎂2020
[N’-153] 201219 We gon’ resonate🔥 | NCT 2020💚MAMA Dance Practice Behind🌟2020