[INTERVIEW] NCT 2018 : Empathy

UPDATE TERAKHIR : 201221 NCT’s Full Episode For Asia Spotlight [38 minute] | MTV Asia

01NCT 2018180302 MTV Asia Spotlight
02Taeyong180302 MTV Asia Spotlightyoutube
03Jaehyun180305 MTV Asia Spotlightyoutube
04Jungwoo180306 MTV Asia Spotlightyoutube
05WinWin180307 MTV Asia Spotlightyoutube
06Ten180308 MTV Asia Spotlightyoutube
07Jisung180309 MTV Asia Spotlightyoutube
08Jaemin180312 MTV Asia Spotlightyoutube
09Yuta180313 MTV Asia Spotlightyoutube
10Haechan180314 MTV Asia Spotlight
11Chenle180315 MTV Asia Spotlightyoutube
12Taeil180316 MTV Asia Spotlightyoutube
13Kun180319 MTV Asia Spotlightyoutube
14Johnny180320 MTV Asia Spotlightyoutube
15Lucas180321 MTV Asia Spotlightyoutube
16Doyoung180322 MTV Asia Spotlightyoutube
17Renjun180323MTV Asia Spotlightyoutube
18180323 NCT DREAM ‘Go’ – AZ Talk Interview
19Jeno180326 MTV Asia Spotlightyoutube
20Mark180327 MTV Asia Spotlightyoutube
21NCT DREAM180403 I’m Celuv
22NCT U (Boss)180406 MTV Asia Spotlight
23NCT DREAM180413 MTV Asia Spotlight
24NCT U (Baby Don’t Stop)180420 MTV Asia Spotlight
25NCT 127180427 MTV Asia Spotlight
26NCT 127180428 NCT 127 – Latest Single ‘Touch’, New Album ‘NCT 2018 Empathy’, & More! | Billboard / (live)
27NCT 2018180430 MTV Asia Spotlight – CHALLENGE
28NCT 127180503 NCT 127 Talk KCON, Meeting Fans, Biggest Musical Influences, & More! PART 1 | Young Hollywood
180504 NCT 127 Answer Fan Questions & Teach Us How To Speak Korean! PART 2
180505 NCT 127 Play TOUCH & Guess What’s Inside The Bag! PART 3
29NCT 127180511 NCT 127 Breaks Down How To Be A K-Pop Star & Gives A ‘Cherry Bomb’ Tutorial | Acces
30NCT 2018170516 MTV ‘Idols of Asia’ Interview – TAEYONG, KUN, JUNGWOO, LUCAS
31NCT U (Baby Don’t Stop)180610 NCT U (Taeyong x Ten) – ‘แทยง-เตนล์’ NCT U แท็กทีมเผยความรู้สึกหลังลัดฟ้าจัดแฟนมีตติ้ง พร้อมโชว์สเตปแดyoutube
32NCT U (Baby Don’t Stop)180614 ชวนเค้าคุย สัมภาษณ์พิเศษ แทยง และ เตนล์ NCT U กับการเป็นดูโอคู่แรก | True ID
33NCT U (Baby Don’t Stop)180617 NCT U – Nine Entertain Exclusive Interview
34NCT 127180622 NCT 127 Stops By To Talk About KCON New York | Build / (facebook)
35NCT 127180622 NCT 127 Tries Korean BBQ in LA’s K-Town | Buzzfeed / (twitter)
36NCT 127180628 NCT 127 Tries Out Iconic New York City Foods- Watch Them Eat Hot Dogs! | Acces
37NCT 127180628 NCT 127 – BUILD Up: The show about shows between the shows | Build
38NCT 127180719 NCT 127 Talk ‘Empathy’ + Love For Fans + More! | Exclusive Interview | iHeartRadio
39NCT 127180720 NCT 127 Breaks Down ‘Cherry Bomb’ Dance Moves | Teen Vogue
40NCT 127180724 NCT 127 Plays Would You Rather | Buzzfeed
41NCT 127180802 NCT 127 Teaches you Korean Slang | Vanity Fair
42NCT 127180927 NCT 127 – E! News Asia Interview
43NCT 2018201221 NCT’s Full Episode For Asia Spotlight [38 minute] | MTV Asia


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