SEASON 08 | Hot & Young Seoul Trip X NCT LIFE (2018)

LAST UPDATE : 200924
18072301Looking for the Seoul’s hidden gems The start of NCT’s youth journey!
18072502Kicking off our adventure with searching for good restaurants in Korea’s Brooklyn, Seong-su Dong
18072703Youth’s Burning Excitement! Activities at the Hangang River!
18073004Tasting Korea’s Various Delivery Foods
18080105Enjoying The Night View of Seoul at Hangang River
18080306Seoul’s Beautiful Nights
180806 07Who’s the best sportsman
18080808NCT Seoul Korean Mokbang (eating broadcasting)
180810 09Who’s the best quizzee of NCT?
180813 10NCT Enjoying ‘N Seoul Tower’ 100 times more!
180815 11NCT Travel to Seoul’s ‘hot place’, Ikseon-dong
180817 12A Special Night in Seoul!