๐Ÿ’ฟ NCT DREAM 3rd Mini Album – We Boom


01BoomThe title song โ€˜BOOMโ€™ is an Urban Pop genre that expresses the message of confident attitude toward dreams with NCT DREAM, and the performance is also soft and choreographed to meet unique teenager sweatshirt. ย โ€˜BOOMโ€™ is a minimalistic Urban Pop genre. In the lyrics, the lyrics to NCT DREAM are expressed in a confident Attitude with a message to move towards a dream.ย 
02StrongerThe song โ€˜STRONGERโ€™ is a song with the message of being strong enough to judge the right and the wrong personally. You can see the powerful charm of NCT DREAM through the performance of trendy and hip atmosphere.
03119โ€˜119โ€™ is a song of intense trap flavor with a groovy beat and an addictive chorus, JENO and JAEMIN expressing the youthful thrill of participating in the lyrics.ย 
04Bye My Firstโ€œBye My First โ€ฆโ€ with a cool and cool attitude. JENO, JAEMIN and JISUNG participated in the song and added charm.
05Best FriendNCT DREAM will be able to meet four songs in this album. โ€œBest Friendโ€, an Urban Pop genre of friendship with NCT DREAM members, and a pop genre song
06Dream Runโ€˜Dream Runโ€™ is a song of the cool and funky Motown genre , And JENOโ€™s lyric for the lyrics included a song title and lyrics that NCT DREAM released.