Whats Up SUNGSHO (성쇼 오늘 무해)

UPDATE TERAKHIR : 230321 🍕성쇼🍕 찢었다! | 성쇼 오늘 무해?! Ep.8

01221118 Arrived in Jeju Island by 9AM😆 | Whats Up SUNGSHO?! Ep.1-1
221122 Whatㅎㅎ You got the talent?👍 Everything is right? | Whats Up SUNGSHO?! Ep.1-2
02221209 I order Shotaro ade🥤 but the nickname is Sungchan🦌😂 | Ep.2📷📷📷
03221224 Christmas Home Party🎄making snowman ⛄️ and lights | Ep.3📷📷📷
04230106 Happy new year💚 | Ep.4📷📷📷
05230118 We should do this? 😖 | Ep.5
06230204 We wish we had a strawberry farm at our home too🙏| Ep.6
07230221 He’s trying to be funny on purpose right?🔥🏀 | Ep.7-1
230224 Thanks to us, Goyang Carrot Jumpers 🏀 won 🧚💚 | Ep.7-2
08230321 🍕SungSho did it🍕! | Ep.8📷📷📷



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