[DRAMA] ‘Play It Cool, Guys; クールドジ男子’ starring YUTA (2023)

UPDATE TERAKHIR : 230322 ドラマ「クールドジ男子」トレーラー(NCT 127「Sunny Road」バージョン)

Summary: Yuta Nakamoto (NCT 127) has decided to appear in TV Tokyo drama “Cool Doji Danshi”, which will be broadcast from April 14th every Friday at 0:52. Yuta will play the role of Ichikura Hayate. This drama unfolds about four cool but slightly clumsy boys. Four boys with different ages and personalities have a fateful encounter due to a blunder. Not only are they clumsy, but they also have complexes, anxiety about the future, tiredness from work and a desire for approval. It is a heart-warming comedy that comically portrays the daily life of a beloved boy who can’t be left alone, with such hard-working four people healing their surroundings and their weaknesses being their strengths! [source]


01230414 Episode 01
02230421 Episode 02
03230428 Episode 03