Johnny’s Communication Center (JCC)

UPDATE TERAKHIR : 230227 Sledding is Fun! A Fine Day in Chicago❄️ with YT, DY, MK | Johnny’s Communication Center (JCC) Ep.37

170914 [N’- 4] Johnny’s Communication Center Ep.1 |vlive127
170919 [N’-5] Johnny’s Communication Center Ep.2 |vlive127
181121 Johnny’s Communication Center
181122 My First Thanksgiving in Korea127
181204 I’m going to buy NCT 127’s NEW albumDYJHMK
181215 IKEA Shopping & Assembling a shelfJH
181223 Chilling in ThailandTY
190125 For Concert Practice, Joh-Fam Prepared Snacks127
190130 679 Nights of Night NightJH
190329 I filmed a DOYOUNG’s cover videoDY
190413 J💚M : M💚J) Making Passport Wallet for each otherMK
190424 REVEAL! NCT’s wardrobe (Johnny’s Fashion Evaluation)TYDYJW
190616 Welcome to my hometown & Sleepover with DY, MKDYMK
190720 My First Muay Thai Class with HAECHAN in Bangkok  มวยไทยHC
190817 I believe I can fly~ Flying Yoga(Aerial Yoga) with MARKMK
190914 Hiking for 38h with YUTA (Thank you Chicken) YT
191119 Johrista & Jaerista ⭐ becoming barista☕JH
191219 JOHNNY and MARK go on a walk in NY Central Park, ha!MK
200206 Visiting a Korean fortune teller for our New YearDY
200229 Neo Zone albums | How It’s Made
200414 Making a Mini Movie with MK | JCC Ep.18MK
200423 Welcome to Our Indoor Camping Tent ⛺️_| JCC Ep.19MK
200531 ‘Punch’ Stage outfit | How It’s Made | JCC Ep.20JH
200623 ‘Two Romeos’ for W Magazine with JAEHYUN | JCC Ep.21JH
200720 Let’s Cook Up Some Music🍳| SUNNY SIDE UP | JCC Ep.22MK
200909 Rhythm~🎶 Becoming a Florist with MK 💐 | JCC Ep.23MK
200925 We Made It! Neo Zone Fish Tank with TY 🐠🌿 | | JCC Ep.24TY
201223 I think it’s working! Making Christmas Cookies | JCC Ep.25TEMK
210203 My NAILS are LONGER!!! 💅🏻🌻🙂 | JCC Ep.26YT
210401 I’m Home 🏠 | JCC Ep.27TE
210519 We brew the BEST BEER in the World! 🍺 | JCC Ep.28
210603 JOYFUL DAY BEER has finally arrived🍺
210629 All About JOHNNY’s Taste🍷🥩📷 | JCC Ep.29
210814 Rock Climbing!🧗🏻 This is JOHNNY’s Climbing Center | JCC Ep.30
220126 Today is pole dancing!🕺🏼✨ | JCC Ep.31
220224 We look good~ Tailoring our own suits👔 | JCC Ep.32JH
220512 Get Ready With Me for the Met Gala | JCC Ep. 33
220523 I’m gonna try yoga at Central Park 🧘🏻‍♂️ | JCC Ep.34
221110 Surfing in LA🏄‍♂️🌊 We’re stoked guys😆 | JCC Ep.35
221214 ⛳️ Let’s play some golf!🏌🏻‍♂️| JCC Ep.36
230227 Sledding is Fun! A Fine Day in Chicago❄️ with YT, DY, MK | JCC Ep.37