NCT on Civilization Express (문명특급/ MMTG)

UPDATE TERAKHIR : 221222 (SUB) 전국에 있는 구척장신 누나들 NCT DREAM이 님들 좋대요ㅎㅎ 어캄 예식장 잡아야 함?ㅎㅎ / [문명특급 EP.271]

BOOM190822 Guest : Jeno, Jaemin [EP.71]☆Enter SM for real★ Go to SM basement practice room where 300 trainees are hiding📷
191205 [EP.87] Finnally NCT 127 meets Jaejae💁 Where? In VLIVE Heartbeat Awards🙆
KICK IT200309 What’s in my IDOL’s VAN
200312 [EP.102] Who is NCT? of course a great peoples;;
200319 [EP.103] From IU to Park Hyoshin, 17minutes of fluttering video
200321 [Exclusive/Post Release] 어머 얘(NCT 127) 좀 봐라 얘 무슨 일이 있었길래 슴(SM)듣명 골랐대? 어?
200322 First Reveal of the cool dance (a.k.a dance medley)
200226 *NCT 127 Appearance* [EP.104] 사회생활 N년차 힘세정이 알려주는 (상사와) 싸움의 기술 feat.아바타 면담
RIDIN200618 [EP.120] SM is now like my parents^^ NCT DREAM  mee Jaejae Nuna after 1 year
200618 [EP.121] These days SM idol were surprised by old people who only waved balloons (feat. Hoverboard AR photo card)
200620 [Post-release/Exclusive] “Let’s do only 100 episodes of Civilization Express…” A letter to Jaejae a year ago
RESONANCE201231 [EP.163] Report of 2020 MMTG Daesang
HELLO FUTURE210701  1년 만에 더 유치해져서 돌아온 NCT DREAM 친구들 정신없는데 귀여워서 킹받네ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ / [EP.198]📷 | 📷
STICKER210922 1️⃣ ☆ Kwangya (a.k.a. SM New Building) First reveal! Love story with NCT 127 after 1 year of meeting💚 (ft.칼소폭) [EP.211-1]
210922 2️⃣ “Look me straight in the eye and tell me” How many times they have watch SWF? The NCT 127 dance battle scene is so over-immersive that it’s ridiculous☆ [EP.211-2]
220203 (ENG) 쫓겨나던 신세에서 2년 만에 시상식 메인 MC가 된 재재 WOW 임영웅 NCT 레드벨벳 그리고 재재 OOPS 가온차트 현장 리액션 GOOD / [EP.231]
CANDY221222 전국에 있는 구척장신 누나들 NCT DREAM이 님들 좋대요ㅎㅎ 어캄 예식장 잡아야 함?ㅎㅎ / [EP.271]