UPDATE TERAKHIR : 221117 [TY Vlog] LA에서의 좋은 시간☀️🌴 (기내식/옷 쇼핑/멕시칸 라거&Oyster/Pink’s Hot dogs)|툥이로그 #5

01220314 On track for something new! TY TRACK COMING SOON📣
02220315 TAEYONG ‘LONELY’ Performance Video
03220407 Meet my friends after a long time🕺💃 | TAEYONG ‘LONELY’ Performance Video Behind
04220428 네모난 텍스처가 생기는 게 좋아요💖 | Painting with Novo🎨📷 | 📷
05220515 [TY Vlog] Tyong-Ha! Tyong’s first vlog (toast and/ hanwoo steak🥗🥩/building lego/closet reveal/fish cafe🐠)|TyongieLog #1
06220602 TAEYONG ‘Ghost’ Performance Video
07220612 너무 좋은데요? 멋있는데요?❤️ | TAEYONG ‘Ghost’ Performance Video Behind
08220626 [TY Vlog] 🌸벚꽃 없는 벚꽃 나들이🌸 with Zayson (Namsan cherry-blossom viewing/cable car/steak house)|TyongieLog #2📷
09220730 [TY Vlog] Tyong’s day in Nagoya🥩🍺🍜(Mukbang of yakiniku and beer/ playing lego/ rest area)|TyongieLog #3
10220803 [TY Vlog] Shopping in Tokyo🛍👕👖with Mark, Jungwoo (DOVER STREET/dinner/talking about performance)|TyongieLog #4
11220905 Taeyong’s MBTI | Finally Taeyong’s MBTI revealed!What is it…?!🧐
12221117 [TY Vlog] Good times in LA☀️🌴 (airplane food/outfit shopping/Mexican lager&Oyster/Pink’s Hot dogs)|TyongieLog #5
13221292 Ley’s go! Walking in New York City🗽🏙(with DY, JW, MK, HC)|Tyong Tour🌹🚩 EP.1
14221206 Taking a Ferry⛴ & Night View of NYC🌉 (with DY, JW, MK, HC)|Tyong Tour🌹🚩 EP.2


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