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UPDATE TERAKHIR : 221017 내 청춘은 네 거야🌿 YOUTH (Troye Sivan) Cover Behind | 천지의 이것저것 시즌2 Ep.14

Season 1

01181207 Play with Slime🇺🇸🎞
02181220 DIY Wall Christmas Tree🇺🇸🎞
03181228 Are You KeyRing Me?🇺🇸🎞
04190113 Playing Dominoes!!🇺🇸🎞
05190120 Let’s go for snow sledding🇺🇸🎞
06190205 Happy birthday to my JS~!🇺🇸🎞
07190302 Drawing Battle Let’s get it!🇺🇸🎞
08190407 Dalgona is very sweet (Making Dalgona)🇺🇸🎞
09190421 ChenJi + Sakura + Picnic = (Let’s go Han River!)🇺🇸🎞
10190515 ⭐Dream comes true⭐ in Shanghai #1 🇺🇸🎞
11190529 ⭐Dream comes true⭐ in Shanghai #2🇺🇸🎞
12190620 ⭐Dream comes true⭐ in Shanghai #3🇺🇸🎞
13190627 [Delicious] Chenle Ramyeon recipe revealed! (feat assitan Jisung)🇺🇸🎞
🔎190627 How To Cook CHENLE Ramyeon!👨‍🍳🇺🇸🎞
14190802 Bingsu-ya~ BOOM bingsu-ya~ Don’t melt, don’t melt~🎵🍧🇺🇸🎞
15191002 Back To The 1990s🚀 It was like that…🍂 #1🇺🇸🎞
16191030Back To The 1990s🚀 It was like that…🍂 #2🇺🇸🎞
17191108 Six Meummweonbom?! 🌱THE DREAM SHOW Lighstick custom🌱🇺🇸🎞
18191122 Happy birthday to my CHENLE~ + DREAM wreath🎀🇺🇸🎞
19191217 🎉1st Anniversary Award Ceremony ⭐️ Certificate of Commendation🏆🇺🇸🎞
20200222 Eash wash your hands~✨👏🏻 Making mini soap🇺🇸
21200405 Thousand stirred dalgona coffee by ChenJi☕️ (+ChenJi crate menu✨)🇺🇸🎞
22200709 Bye~ Thank you for everything😭🇺🇸

Season 2

시즌2 Ep.1200814 Season 2 starts with Sijeuni💚YouTube
시즌2 Ep.2200929 Challenge to try foods we can’t eat✨ This is really my style🤭⁉️YouTube
시즌2 Ep.3201126 Don’t give it to Hyungs, just sell it🧐YouTube
🔎201205 we spent three hours to made this!!😭🔥 | Ep.3 behindYouTube
시즌2 Ep.4210207 Should we go with ChenJiTaeJung permanently?YouTube
시즌2 Ep.5210518 🔥🌶맛(Hot Sauce) is CharmingYouTube
시즌2 Ep.6210701 If you wanna do, then do it properly💪 챌린지 도전기 #뱅챌린지💥YouTube
시즌2 Ep.7210807 Will it give you an overwhelming victory or a narrow victory? 🔥Badminton Showdown🏸YouTube
시즌2 Ep.8210904 We must be able for this thing👨🏻‍🍳YouTube
시즌2 Ep.9211017 I Believe I Can Fly~🕊 This kind of vibeYouTube
시즌2 Ep.10211120 I am quiet good, right? Unbelieveble…✨ pottery experience🏺 YouTube
시즌2 Ep.11220129 Should we check more? Find your personal color🌈🔎YouTube
시즌2 Ep.12220313 If it’s to perfect, it won’t be attractive🙄 making cake🍰YouTube
시즌2 Ep.13220714 It’s not good if I win too many times😅 Chenle VS Jisung🥊YouTube
시즌2 Ep.14221017 My youth is yours🌿 YOUTH (Troye Sivan) Cover BehindYouTube