N Minute

[N’-77] 190206 Wink with both eyes | Archery practice for ISAC127📄🎞
[N’-78] 190207 NCT in CHILE 1127
[N’-79] 190216 NCT in CHILE 2 | DREAM CAMDREAM📄🎞
[N’-80] 190219 NCT in CHILE 3 : Winery Tour127📄🎞
[N’-81] 190221 ❄SNOW DREAM❄ Dreamies in Sapporo #1 | Eating ramen and steak!DREAM📄🎞
[N’-82] 190227 ❄️SNOW DREAM❄️ Dreamies in Sapporo #2 ㅣ The snow is beautiful!DREAM📄🎞
[N’-83] 190324 NCT DREAM X HRVY | Hanging with HRVY (See you again!)DREAM📄🎞
[N’-84] 190331 Malaysia greatly anticipated and anticipated and greatly | NCT DREAM in Malaysia #1DREAM📄🎞
[N’-85] 190404 💚The Way I Hate You💚 – Jaemin‘s way to become Na Daegang | First drama’s commute routeJM📄🎞
[N’-86] 190410 Malaysian Cup Noodle Mukbang in SuitㅣNCT DREAM in Malaysia #2DREAM📄🎞
[N’-87] 190415 Trying Fluffy Souffle Pancakes🥞ㅣSouffle Pancakes and Tapioca Tea Are Great!JW
[N’-88] 190417 🌸Hurry hurry avoid right cherry blossom🌸ㅣCherry Blossoms PicnicJODY
[N’-89] 190425 JAEMIN‘s Photoshoot BehindJM📄🎞
[N’-90] 190501 Off to Japan for our new stageDREAM📄🎞
[N’-91] 190504 Shall we play PUBG with Jeno and Jaemin?|Battlegrounds Gameplay and MukbangJN
[N’-92] 190512 We’re back in Malaysia!DREAM📄🎞
[N’-93] 190520 00 line’s Coming of Age Day Dream Perfume MakingRJJNJM📄🎞
[N’-94] 190528 Behind the Wakey-Wakey|NCT 127 1st anniversary of Japan debut🎂127📄🎞
[N’-95] 190530 Self Cam in MAPS PhotoshootDREAM📄🎞
[N’-96] 190604 Dream Concert BehindDREAM📄🎞
[N’-97] 190609 Behind the NCT #127 WE ARE SUPERHUMAN127📄🎞
[N’-98] 190610 NCT 127 ‘Superhuman’ first broadcast backstage (Feat. Haechan CAM)127📄🎞
[N’-99] 190614 Behind the NCT 127 ‘Superhuman’ MV127📄🎞
[N’-100] 190618 Behind the NCT DREAM X HRVY ‘Don’t Need Your Love’ MVDREAM📄🎞
[N’-101] 190626 ‘Superhuman’ Music Core Backstage✊✌🖐127📄🎞
[N’-102] Andong Mural Village : Dream drawing what I drew👨‍🎨🎨DREAM📄🎞
[N’-103] 190723 John&Mak&Tael : Come to support EXO-SC “What a Life” | (+ Two hands full of donut🍩🎁)TIJO
[N’-104] 190725 Wanna take a Long Flight ✈ with me?TY🇬🇧🎞
[N’-105] 190730 ‘We’ll take the highway to heaven’|Highway to Heaven MV Behind # Day1127🇬🇧🎞
[N’-106] 190801 NCT DREAM ‘BOOM’ First Music Show Broadcast BackstageDREAM📄🎞
[N’-107] 190804 Behind the We BoomDREAM📄🎞
[N’-108] 190808 Hello Russia 👋 Привет россия | MTV Behind in Russia127📄🎞
[N’-109] 190811 We got that! NCT DREAM ‘BOOM’ MV Behind1 DREAM📄🎞
[N’-110] 190811 ‘I can’t wait to love you all alone’|Highway to Heaven MV Behind Day2 127📄🎞
[N’-111] 190816 We like that! NCT DREAM ‘BOOM’ MV Behind #2 DREAM📄🎞
[N’-112] 190821 ✨Paris in the NCT~🎶✨TITY
[N’-113] 190824 Itorok↗︎↗︎↗︎ 확신해찬~🎵 | ‘BOOM’ Music Core BehindDREAM📄🎞
[N’-114] 190828 We gon’ light it up! 🌟|NCT DREAM in 24th World Scout JamboreDREAM📄🎞
[N’-115] 190829 NCT DREAM Behind the public fansign with NCTzens💚DREAM📄🎞
[N’-116] 190907 Jaehyun who don’t know about coffee bet🤷‍♂️ | Soribada Awards Behind127📄🎞
[N’-117] 190919 Dreamies arrived in Vietnam🏝|NCT DREAM in Da NangDREAM📄🎞
[N’-118] 190921 I took my first solo pictorial 📸✨ | Renjun pictorial 瑞丽 YOUNGRJ📄🎞
[N’-119] 191022 We hot🔥 We young🌊|Renjun, Chenle’s waterpark CF shoting behind 沈阳RJ
[N’-120] 191024 NCT DREAM (face) genius~👶🏻✨|小资CHICTEEN Photoshoot BehindDREAM📄🎞
[N’-121] 191102 Inkigayo MC Debut🎉 Let’s watch MC Jaehyun~🎵JH📄🎞
[N’-122] 191105 Terima Kasih 💚|Indonesian TV Awards Behind127📄🎞
[N’-123] 191108 Aku cinta Indonesia 💚|Jakarta KWave BehindDREAM📄🎞
[N’-124] 191111 Learning Tari Saman🕺127📄🎞
[N’-125] 191113 Exploring the world of Batik in Indonesia🧑‍🎨DREAM📄🎞
[N’-126] 191130 Gracias EMA! | MTV EMA 2019 Behind 127📄🎞
[N’-127] 191207 554 Days Of JENSHOW CUTIE 💚 | GOOD BYE THE SHOWJN📄🎞
[N’-128] 191219 Laugh & trebele party🎶 | NCT U ‘Coming Home’ MV BehindU📄🎞