UPDATE TERAKHIR : 211231 NCT #유타 #도영 #마크 #런쥔’s Pink Blood Is Running!💗|Pink Blood Quiz Show @SMTOWN LIVE 2022

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Credits. engsub by NEOSUB : UROCKTHEWORLD, TIWAITYONG. YADE | Indosub by tsundere

Empathy180312 NCT U – Seasony’s Point of View 3
180312 NCT U – Seasony’s Point of View 4
Empathy180726 #InMyFeelingsChallenge 1
180726 #InMyFeelingsChallenge 2
180726 Uniform-CT VS Uniform-CT
210329 천사 같은 목소리 👼🏻 | KUN, CHENLE – free love (HONNE) Cover Behind
210411 🌸🌼🌿🌷NEO FLOWER CITY🌷🌿🌼🌸
210507 💚🎁Our Heartfelt Gifts🎁💚 (Johnny, Yuta, Jungwoo)
210619 Eat at the rest area and shop at the mart🦊🎶 with 🐱🐑
211002 ✳︎ OOTW ✳︎ Outfits Of Taro’s Week|#SHOTARO #OOTW #OOTD
Universe211223 NCT 2021🌟🎄Our Christmas with NCTzens🎄🌟
SMCU Express (SMTOWN LIVE 2022)NCT has arrived @KWANGYA STATION🚂💗
211226 Taeil, Haechan, Jaemin, Shotaro
211227 WayV
211228 Taeyong, Jungwoo, Chenle, Jisung
211229 Yuta, Doyoung, Mark, Renjun
211231 Johnny, Jaehyun, Jeno, Sungchan
Pink Blood Is Running!💗
211226 Taeyong, Jungwoo, Jisung, Chenle’s
211227 Taeil, Haechan, Jaemin, Shotaro
211228 Johnny, Jaehyun, Jeno, Sungchan
211230 WayV
211231 Yuta, Doyoung, Mark, Renjun